Friday, June 8, 2007

Welcome to the LWS blog

Greetings - this blog arose in response to a recent call made by Bob Doran, SJ, for greater collaboration among Lonergan scholars and practitioners in various disciplines. This blog is for those who think and work in analysing and using Bernard Lonergan's thought in a variety of disciplines - especially (but not only) philosophy and theology.

This blog is moderated, so postings and comments will be considered for their elegance, relevance and insightfulness. However, it is planned to be a virtual community with a developing group of contributors over the 2007-08 period.

This blog will get up and running by the fall of of 2007. As it develops, expect more polish and robust dialogue. I hope and expect to see discussions emerge concerning proposals, insights and interpretations made by scholars, students and others from around the world - dealing with any number of problems for which Lonergan's work is relevant.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks & months.

In the meantime, please contribute your suggestions in the comment box below...

Paul Allen, Lonergan Website Administrator;
Assistant Professor, Concordia University,
Department of Theology, Montreal, QC, Canada